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Bijou Junmaishu Daiginjo Shizukuhime


"Beautiful" refers to a man with a beautiful appearance, and "Beauty" is a synonym. It has a deeper taste with an even more elegant aroma and texture than the conventional "Bijou Mai". It's a little luxurious sake that is a bit different from the usual sake rice.

In general, Kochi sake has a clean and dry identity. This brewery is also based on that style, but the overall quality of sake is somewhat elegant and exotic, as if it were associated with a brand. It is located in Tano Town, which is the easternmost sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture, and uses underground water from the Nahari River, which is ultra-soft water, as the water for preparation. Due to the characteristics of water, the quality of sake that leaves a soft touch even in a neat atmosphere is produced, and it will give such an image.