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New Sake Shipment Arriving in May 2022

Fine Sake Tradition

Exquisite products with selected craft breweries.

Curation philosophy

The Yoi Group prides ourselves in curating the best products from Japan and unavailable to the wider market.

Through our networks and partnerships with local producers, we promote these products and in particular craft breweries with a strong tradition of producing fine sake.

Shipment and Pre-orders:

New shipment of products arrive quarterly and we encourage pre-orders to confirm you do not miss out.

Bulk Orders:

Order in a carton of 12 to get a special 5% discount

The Sake Club

Build your sake cellar for fine sake collectors.

On the 7th of every month, we deliver 2 bottles of sommelier-curated sake for you. Complete with tasting notes and delivered to your homes without exception.

Members Bulk Orders

Members enjoy an exclusive 8% off for every carton of 12 bottles. Share and spread your knowledge and love for sake with your guests and friends.

Aged Sake

Aged Sake

Koshu/熟成古酒  means “old” or “aged sake.” This informal term refers to sake that’s been aged at the brewery for some time before release.

In general, sake tends to get darker, more savory and more mellow with age. How the sake is aged has a huge impact on the final results.

It may be refrigerated throughout this period, or allowed to mature at room temperature. It may be aged in a metal tank, a wooden barrel, or after bottling. Some breweries may even employ a combination of the methods above, or blend together koshu brewed in different years to achieve a desired flavor profile.


It has well-balanced sweetness, acidity, bitterness and umami (savoriness) while still containing the characteristics of Japanese Sake. When poured, it sends out sweet aromas like nuts, caramel and vanilla. Its golden color, thick texture and long finish are also its uniqueness.

It is best to be consumed at room temperature, just like whiskies and other spirits. A Sake cup / glass shaped like a wine glass is recommended to swirl and enhance its rich aromas, like red wine or brandy.


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Matsu-Midori Brewery Focus

Matsu-Midori Brewery Focus

Matsumidori Brewery

Matsumidori Brewery began in the Edo period as a shubo manufacturer selling to the sake brewers in the Tsugaru area. Shubo is the yeast required in large amounts in order to ferment sake. 

Later, the business turned to sake brewing in 1904, with the intention of crafting the ideal sake that is "meticulous about ingredients, meticulous about craftsmanship, safe to enjoy, loved by the local community, and possessing a flavor that never grows old."


Rokkon Tiger's Eye was awarded numerous gold meals at IWC and Kura Master for their fine attention to sake making. Find out more information here

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Luxury Sake

Luxury Sake

Focused purely on fine luxury sake, we work closely with our Japanese partners to import sake steeped in tradition and brewing techniques.  Scan the QR code to find out in detail the history, tradition and brewing techniques of each specific brewery.
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