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Concentrated Bird's Nest Gift Set


Indulge in the finest cave-origin golden bird's nest (金丝燕) with our concentrated bird's nest!

A 75g bottle contains a generous 3g dried weight of bird's nest, carefully hand-picked and free from bleaching agents. Patiently brewed and double-boiled, we fully preserve the purity and nutrients of the bird's nest. Our product contains a generous serving of concentrated and rich quality bird's nest, with the festive bundle of 8 bottles perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Our freshly produced birds nest must be kept refrigerated throughout and consumed within 7 days for optimal flavour.

Our Concentrated Bird's Nest Gift Set:
4 x 75ml Original Golden Bird's Nest
4 x 75ml American Ginseng Golden Bird's Nest
Limited-edition Gift Card

Edible Bird's Nest, Water, American Ginseng, Rock Sugar