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Intermediate Sake Drinkers: 6 Sake

$488.00 $518.00

For the week of 6 June, get a selection of carefully curated selection of 5 sake at a special rate

Kido Kid Junmai Ginjo 紀土<KID> 純米吟醸: Yamadanishiki rice with Kyokai No. 9 yeast. A hot favourite in Japan. An elegant aromatic sake with well balanced umami, and a gentle comforting aftertaste.

Matsui Junmai 14: Tochiji 14 rice gives an enticing dry sake with aroma of rich banana and apple. 

Heian Shishin Four sacred beasts of Kyoto: A refreshing sake with a fruity aroma, easily paired with a wide variety of food. Label is specially designed by artist Hideki Kimura, well known for his murals.

Matsuno Kotobuki Ginjo GohyakumangokuExpect layers of Asian pear, fresh-cut grass, honeysuckle, rice cakes, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumber peel, white cherry blossoms, fresh mint, acacia, lychee, evergreens, and crushed river rocks. The palate is medium-bodied, incredibly clean, and provides a refreshing mouthfeel with a pleasant creaminess to the fruits. It’s pillowy and round at once, providing crisp pleasures and a savory, long-lasting finish populated with a soft kiss of sweetness.

Matsu no Unfiltered LandladyMade from Hitogokochi rice grown in Tochigi, the sake has a rich of umami. Mellow, dry and aromatic.

Koshu Aged Sake Red: