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Case of 12 from craft brewery: Hanamori sake brewery

$550.00 $650.00

Complete your new year celebrations with a case of 12 premium Matsui Shuzoten

Located in the middle of the Kiso River, Yaotsu Town in Gifu Prefecture is the final point where riverboats can travel, and from the Edo period to the Taisho period, it prospered as a port town where various goods came and went. Nowadays, the river is no longer used as a means of transportation, but the beautiful scenery of the mountain scenery is designated as Hida Kiso River Quasi-National Park, attracting tourists from all directions. Yaotsu's historical background and high-quality subsoil water have produced a variety of specialty products. Various brewing industries such as Japanese sake are one of them, and our brewery was founded in 1886 (Meiji 19) in the middle of the Meiji period, when Yaotsu Town played an important role in the distribution of goods.

Since its founding, our brewery has continued to uphold the motto of producing high-quality sake in small quantities. Especially for the last 15 years, in order to make sake under the careful supervision of our management, we have been making small batches under the management of the manager, using bag suspension and the "Yaegaki squeezing machine", which is rare in Japan. We offer discerning products that distinguish squeezing. It is brewed with the aim of creating a soft, rounded flavor that takes advantage of the characteristics of soft water.