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Yusheng 2023 ready for orders

Standard Rice Wine + Wine Lee


Meet our flagship fine food range and celebrate the new year with our Auspicious Bundle!

Our Premium Rice Wine is patiently produced in carefully selected traditional ceramic jars and aged to perfection. Use it to enhance the flavors of dishes or enjoy directly as an aperitif. Along with the fermentation is a fresh harvest of Red Wine Lees, a nutritious concentrate best used as a marinade or ingredient in dishes. Besides being gastronomic wonders, this combination has been known as the superfood of the East.

Manzoku independently handcrafts the products in small batches, using an ancient technique refined over three generations.

No preservatives, colors, salt, or sugar are added. Keep the products refrigerated upon receipt to maintain their freshness.

Our Auspicious Bundle:
1 x 350ml Premium Rice Wine
1 x 300g Red Wine Lees

Glutinous Rice, Purified Water, Natural Yeast