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Suigei Junmai Daiginjo Asahi


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A bottle brewed with the aim of drinking alcohol during meals that can be matched with daily evening drinks. In order to bring out the goodness of the material, sake rice is polished to a high-polishing whitening ratio of 55%, and it is made under detailed fermentation management by preparing a small amount. The aroma is modest, and it is finished in a junmaishu that is wide but sharp.

It is a sake that represents Tosa in the south, and is named after Toyonobu Yamauchi (Yodo), the lord of the Tosa domain at the end of the Edo period, who called himself "Kurekai Suihou". Sake brewing is carried out using traditional methods using high-quality water from the Niyodo River underground water and high-quality rice suitable for sake brewing. It is sent to the market under strict temperature control, and it has a moderate acidity, which is typical of Kochi sake, and is a dry and dry dish that enhances the taste of food. "Drunk Whale Junmai Ginjo Ginrei" has a fresh citrus scent and a solid richness, and the back mouth is crisp. Thick dishes are also washed away.